Arthur Christmas


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Hollywood marketing 101: It’s never too early to promote your Christmas movie. I mean, sure, it’s Christmas, but that means this movie is coming out in a year! We’ll have forgotten about it by then. Anyway, what did I think of the trailer itself?

I’ve always been rather fond of trailers that were made from scratch, as in scenes were written specifically for them. It really takes the whole concept of a trailer being its own entity and runs with it. I will bet you $100 this scene will never, nor is it intended, to be in the finished movie. However, there’s not really enough going on here to really hook me.

The scene itself is funny, short, and… well, I have no idea what the movie’s really about other than Santa has a son. Can we really make an entire film out of this? I guess well find out in a year!

3/5 glasses of mouse wine.


Cedar Rapids


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At some point in everyone’s movie watching life they realize that in comedy trailers all the best jokes from the movie are used. So it’s a little disheartening when you watch a trailer like this, that has no funny jokes, and you have to wonder what exactly is left for the rest of this film to bank on.

This trailer just kind of fails on every level, except that it does explain the plot of the movie rather well and it’s not mind-numbingly bad… at least, not the first time you watch it. I honestly don’t think I could sit through it again. The only hope I have for this movie is that there are some hilarious jokes, but they’re just too raunchy to have in a trailer. I won’t bet on it though.

1/5 Ritz Pimm’s with mint.

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Doctor Who v. The Dark Knight


I thought it might be fun to do something a little different once in a while. I like watching fan made trailers almost as much as I like real trailers, so whenever I find a good one I’ll share it.

Here we have two trailers, the first where the Doctor goes toe to toe with the Joker and the other where he’s facing off the Dark Knight himself. I think they’re both really clever, but I like the second one better. There’s just something interesting about seeing the Doctor’s dark side.

I’ll give the first one 2.5/3 batarangs and the second 3/3 Tardis’.


Battle: Los Angeles


Because I’ve been gone so long and because this is the best trailer I’ve seen in a long time, I figured I’d do a double review!

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I would almost call this trailer perfect, because it does all the things that I think are important in a trailer. It has great music. It creates a great mood, slowly building the action and tension. It explains everything you need to know about the movie without giving any spoilers. You could almost let this trailer stand on it’s own as a short-short film.

Why isn’t it perfect though? Because it honestly doesn’t make me want to see this movie very much. I honestly feel like the trailer will end up actually being better than the movie. This is the general trend with awesome action movie trailers. So, I may check this out when it hits the theatres, but I’m not gonna line up for it.

4.5/5 Zeldas, shaken, not stirred.

And as always, don’t forget to check out the <a href="http://www.battlela.com&quot; Official Site.

But wait! Aren’t there two trailers? Sigh, unfortunately.

This trailer takes all those things I just mentioned and goes out of its way to ignore them. We we have a standard, generic, cookie-cutter action movie trailer that makes me want to see this movie even less, because I feel like if they couldn’t be bothered to make an enjoyable one and a half minute long trailer, then they probably really didn’t go out of their way to make an enjoyable one and a half hour long movie.

1.5/5 Kachenkas garnished with rose petals.

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Been a while since I’ve been around these here parts, and maybe I’ll stick around this time.

I thought Thor would be a good trailer to get started once more, because surely it’s an epic trailer worthy or all our attention… Well, it almost is. There just a little something lacking from this trailer, maybe it’s the boring and cliched opening of a mysterious man beating the living shit our of “trained” military (I suppose) personnel, or the underwhelming reveal of a poor Sawyer lookalike.

For me the trailer doesn’t pick up until we see Valhalla and Hannibal wearing a wicked eyepatch. But then it starts to drag a little when Natalie Portman shows up with her awful English accent. I love you Natalie, so don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you have a more believable rap career than you do an English accent.

Still, not a bad trailer, and it does make me want to see it in theatres, so…

3.5/5 tequila sunrises.

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Two Lovers


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Perhaps just a little melodramatic for a trailer.

This trailer would have been great, if the story didn’t bore me so much. Technically it was all right, but something just didn’t really click into place for me.

You think differently? Please do share. But frankly, this trailer was just dreary.

3/5 rum and cokes.

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Crank 2: High Voltage


No Oscar reviews today, instead…

Why do they insist on making sequels to movies nobody wanted to see sequels to? This is perhaps the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. It’s so ridiculous that it actually makes me angry.


Wouldn’t he have broken a few bones? I don’t care about the actual ridiculous plot, because I couldn’t get passed that! I don’t care if it’s just trying to be one of those silly action films (like Shoot ‘Em Up, or Crank), my sense of reality will not accept it.

So of course the entire trailer was just frustrating to watch.

1.5/5 watered down rum and cokes.

P.S. Really, Dwight Yoakam’s in this? Okay…